Cloudberry Records C86 Blog and Interview

Following on from a recent flurry of interest from C86 fans, we were excited to discover a rather flattering article about Red Money on the interweb. This remarkably well-researched piece was published by Cloudberry Records – purveyors of jangly guitar indiepop based in New York.

We cordially invite you to visit their site to find out more: Cloudberry Records Red Money article >

But the story doesn’t end there. Impressed by the indiepop detective work, we got in touch with the author, Roque. The outcome – a Red Money interview – which Cloudberry Records has also published on their blog.

So if you enjoy a C86 jangly indiepop chinwag, we recommend you pop over to the Cloudberry Records website: Read the Red Money Interview >

Many thanks to Roque and all at Cloudberry Records for their interest in the adventures of Red Money!

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