Our retrospective album is out NOW on Firestation Records – available on Rough Trade and other good independent retailers – you can enjoy some taster tracks below ….

Or listen and download from ITunes, Spotify and Amazon. Go to any of these sites and search for “A Kind of Retrospective”.


We’re recording some new songs, hopefully for an album release later this year, meanwhile here’s some snippets.

I Tried Not to Care

Listen to I Tried Not to Care >

Hard to Believe

Listen to Hard to Believe >

I Left a Note

Listen to I Left a Note >

A Kind of Retrospective 1990 – 1995

A selection of snippets from our first album, A Kind of Retrospective 1990-1995

My Erstwhile Companion
Originally released independently as single in 1990. Full running time 3:20. ‘B’ side tracks: ‘Tangled up in her’ and ‘No Questions’. My Erstwhile Companion >

No Questions
Full running time 3:20. ‘B’ side tracks on the independently released single ‘My Erstwhile Companion’. Music and Lyrics by Red Money No Questions >

Swerve (sparse mix) Full running time 3:40 In which a lovesick fool declares undying love (for what it’s worth). Music and lyrics by Red Money Swerve (sparse mix) >

Blaming Himself Full running time 3:45 From 1994 session with a fuller band recorded at RMS in Croydon. Blaming Himself >

Crying Shame Full running time 3:38 In which our narrator describes a clandestine relationship between a married man and a lady of the night. Crying shame >

Me and My Big Mouth Full running time 3:58 Sometimes it’s better to say nothing. Me and My Big Mouth >

Take care of me Full running time 4:32  Take Care of Me >

Swerve (96 mix) Full running time 3:49 – An ambient soundtrack mix.
Music by Red Money.  Swerve 96 >


A Kind of Retrospective 1990 – 1995

Fourteen track compilation CD featuring work from 1990 – 1995 now available on Firestation Records website. Includes all three tracks from the original vinyl release in 1990.

Red Money - A Kind of Retrospective album cover artwork

Full track listing:

1. My Erstwhile Companion
2. The Crying Shame
3. Blaming Himself
4. Swerve
5. Me And My Big Mouth
6. Thicker Than Thieves
7. No Questions
8. Tangled Up In Her
9. Heaven
10. Now (It Seems) They’re Here
11. A Kind Of Loving
12. Options
Bonus Tracks:
13. Swerve (Adventure Club Mix)
14. My Erstwhile Companion (Version with 2nd Guitar)


My Erstwhile Companion

7″ single released by Red Money in 1990. Want to buy a copy of this record? Click here.

My Erstwhile Companion - Front cover

A side:
My Erstwhile Companion (3:20)

My Erstwhile Companion - Back Cover

B side:
Tangled up in her (3:28)
No Questions (3:20)

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